Since January 2008 bed and breakfast ‘La Fleurette’ has opened her doors.
La Fleurette is settled in the Allier, in the heart of France, only 300 km away from Paris. The bed and breakfast is part of a longère, a large old farm (1850), and has its own front door. The farm is situated on the marketplace of Isle et Bardais, a very small village in the neighbourhood of the Forêt de Tronçais. From the garden you can easily walk into the woods…

In case you are traveling by towards the south of France, this will be the right place to spend a night or, even better, to stay for a few days and come at ease before you move on. Isle et Bardais is only 20 km (30 miles) away from the A71 (St. Amand Montrond). It’s as if you arrive in another world where time has disappeared. The main income is cattle-breeding. So no factories, no trucks and bustle, but instead of that a lot of Charolais-cows (and bulls!), sheep and horses. The landscape is hilly and green. The people around here are extremely friendly and helpful. The air is clean and if you’re lucky you will see deer and hinds in the forest and, even better, in the garden! There are counted more then 250 different sorts of birds in this area.
You can see, enough reasons to pass by, I should say; à bientôt,